Tom Ford,

Tom has recently completed his training at the University of Otago, and has experience in a range of mental health and general health settings.


His areas of expertise include assessing and treating anxiety and depressive disorders, chronic pain, and other health conditions. Tom’s special interests include sports psychology, performance psychology, and health psychology.  


Tom's work to date has had a strong focus on facilitating behavioural changes that promote health and well-being. While this often involves supporting people to improve mental health, he also aims to promote his client’s ability to identify and solve the various problems that arise throughout daily life.


Tom has supported clients to pursue education and employment opportunities, to manage financial difficulty, navigate social and relationship problems, and to effectively manage chronic health issues. 


He is particularly interested in working alongside clients to identify strengths and build skills that foster long-term resilience and coping.


His approach involves components of cognitive behavioural therapy, as well as schema therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and metacognitive therapy. Tom is able to adapt assessment and treatment to suit individuals from all walks of life.

To arrange an appointment with Tom or for further information, please contact our reception team;


Phone: (02) 4304 1307